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The Time Bureau Founder
Alex Trapnell is the Founder of The Time Bureau, who after spending over 32 years working in the Support Sector, knows a thing or two about helping people to be more productive and take back control of their time.

Having been on the ‘sharp end’ in many of her past roles, and in life in general, Alex is well aware of the pressures faced by those who are running (or being run), by a demanding Business, or household.

Alex has worked within Industries such as Banking, Recruitment, Further Education, Training, Defence, Event Management and the Charity sector, and was a Committee member and acting Secretary of the Tetbury Chambers of Commerce and Industry for two years.

Alex’s resourcefulness, tenacity and vast accumulation of knowledge and skills means that she is quickly able to streamline processes and rationalise the unnecessary, affectively cutting costs, improving productivity and freeing up her clients’ time so that they can spend it where, and on what they would prefer.

Client, David Bennett, Director of Wiltshire based Energy Performance CO2 says; “Everyone should have an Alex…”.

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