Back in the Saddle – Revisiting a Hobby from the Past

Shetland horse looking over the stable door







If you’re not trying something new this year, i.e. an alternative approach to work or a new sports or leisure hobby, why not revisit something that used to work for you when you did it, and made you happy?

It’s not always all about ringing in the changes…

I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions myself, having found in the past that I’m generally setting myself up for a very swift ‘fall’ when I oh so soon lack the motivation to continue on with one. However, there are two particular interests that I used to take part in, in the now dim and distant past, which I am going to be re-visiting.

After much thought, well tonnes actually, this Christmas just gone saw my husband buy me a violin – we were so busy in the lead up to the big day that we only ended up going to find one on Christmas Eve, and even though as we later found out, the violin shop was actually shut for the festive season, it’s very amiable owner, Daniel Bristow, on hearing the doorbell, welcomed us into his lovely ancient low ceiling and beamed shop in Tetbury, where he patiently helped us to find just the right instrument, bow and case, even re-stringing the violin for me before we departed with our bounty.

It is a thing of beauty and I’m embarrassed to say that on taking a very brief ‘go’ on it in the shop, I could barely make a note, however Daniel played a few chords and went up and down the scales and it sounded warm and mellow, so I do have confidence that once I’ve re-kindled my lessons on this instrument (of which I only had a few as a nipper), I’ll hopefully soon be making sweet music and may even be able to join a local orchestra or group of players.

The other interest that I’d like to re-kindle is my love of horse riding. Many (many) years ago I learnt to ride in the depths of Dartmoor in a village called Buckland Monochorum. Subsequent to that there was the odd foray into riding as I grew older, but to date I haven’t got back in the saddle for many years.

Both the violin playing and riding require a certain amount of motivation to get back into, but I’m really looking forward to re-visiting them both. I simply need to find a local teacher of said violin and a riding school where I can brush up on my equine skills. I’ll let you know how I get on! 

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