Case Study: Newsletter for a Food Festival

Personal Assistant Tetbury






The Client: Food Festival Committee
Location: Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Project: Virtual Assistant Newsletter Campaign Template Design

Task: The client wanted to be able to send regular Newsletters to subscribers throughout the year leading up to the Festival event week in the late summer, giving the Festival further exposure and allowing the Committee to keep subscribers up to date on progress, highlight the Businesses, Traders and individuals that would be involved, the variety of stalls that would be in attendance, share recipes and the dates and details of events that would be happening during the week of the Festival and highlight offers, amongst other things.

The Newsletter template needed to be bright and engaging, in keeping with the Food Festival’s website branding and straight forward enough for the Editor to populate with the relevant content.

Method: The Time Bureau sought to obtain as much information as possible from the client pertaining to the style and format ideally required for the Newsletter. From those discussions, several static article sections were agreed on in addition to the overall format.

The Newsletter account was set up and all relevant forms, including subscription forms, preference update forms etc were created and branded appropriately. The subscription list was set up along with all other setting defaults, including analytical settings, allowing the client to view how many readers click on links within the Newsletter.  Social media defaults were set allowing the Newsletter to be automatically Tweeted via the Festival’s Twitter account on each Newsletter’s despatch.

The Newsletter Template itself was then designed and created, and relevant, bright engaging graphics sourced for each of the static sections. Relevant link information was then supplied to the client allowing for opt-in links/forms to be added to the Festival’s website so that visitors to the site could subscribe to the Newsletter and subscription links could be added to the relevant email signatures.

On despatch of each Newsletter, the client can now view real-time statistical data including the number of opens, the number of link clicks, who has opened, how many forwards there have been, social media information such as Facebook ‘likes’ and Re-Tweets, how the stats match up against similar organisations’ results and in the future, how the stats match up against their past Festival Newsletter results, to name but a few.

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