Case Study: Hardcopy Address Book Conversion

Personal Assistant Wiltshire







The Client: Private Individual with Charitable concerns
Location: Luckington, Wiltshire
Project: Virtual Assistant support in the organisation of Art Exhibition in aid of the client’s Charities.

Task: Conversion of several hardcopy address books to electronic softcopy, allowing the creation of email distribution groups and mailing address labels for various purposes, including raising the event invitations.

Method: Each address book was reviewed and out of date contacts updated, non-required contacts removed and each remaining contact coded as to which distribution group they would belong. The contacts were then keyed into a spreadsheet, along with their designated group code and tools were used to identify and remove any duplicate entries.

Finally the contacts were imported by group into the ‘Address Book’ software on the client’s iMac. Email distribution groups were now available allowing the client to send emails to groups of contacts and, mailing address labels were created that could be used to post out event specific information/flyers etc.