Case Study: Logo Design Project Management

Virtual Assistant Support Melksham






The Client:
Energy Assessment Consultancy
Location: Melksham, Wiltshire
The Project: Virtual Assistant support in relation to a Business start-up.

The Task: To engage a graphic designer with proven Logo design experience and oversee the management of said supplier in developing a logo for the Energy Assessment Business, from concept through to completion.

Method: A known, experienced graphic designer was engaged and the client was assisted in completing a preliminary questionnaire giving the designer information to assist in forming a basis for the logo, for example whether this was to be textual, graphical or a combination.

Based on the client’s initial ideas and feedback, continual liaison took place between The Time Bureau and the designer throughout each stage of the Logo’s creation, ensuring that the developing design met the client’s requirements.

On completion of the Logo design, the graphic designer created a variety of file formats of the design, which were supplied to the client, including those for Web and Print, colour and mono, large, medium and small formats, along with a slight variant of the completed Logo, to be used in certain situations where space might be at a premium i.e. in online marketing etc.