If You Do One Thing Today: Remember to Breathe

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Sounds like a silly suggestion bearing in mind breathing is intrinsic to life, but when we’re under pressure or suffering from stress, though our brain and built-in reflexes are desperately urging us to breathe, we’re probably not breathing properly at all.

Stress brings on the ‘fight or flight’ response and that in turn often causes us to take quick, shallow breaths, which as you can imagine only make us feel worse – our heart is pumping and it feels like it’s going to explode from within our chest. We might feel slightly dizzy too – sitting down is probably a very good idea at this point!

The answer is simple, but does mean that we first need to engage our thoughts and focus for a moment on ourselves, rather than the pressing task or stressful situation at hand. We can reduce this unpleasant feeling, so stop for a moment and concentrate on your breathing, take some deep, slow breaths and begin to gradually feel your breathing rate slowing down. You’ll feel far better and more able to deal with whatever induced the stress in the first place, because deep breathing helps to concentrate the mind. You’re taking in a far better quantity of Oxygen now and this in turn, can have great health benefits. 


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