Improve Your Productivity and Feng Shui Your Environment

Feng ShuiHas it ever occurred to you that you might be feeling and even being unproductive because the environment you work or live in is to blame? I always find that if I remove the clutter and have a clear working and living space, it seems to let the positive vibes flow through my home and office and I can think more clearly, plus I seem more able to relax too.

Well I’ve been looking into this a little as I wanted to know why this is and of course where better to start than with the Chinese art of Feng Shui?

I wanted to find an introductory ‘top ten of Feng Shui do’s and don’ts’ – something that would quickly give me hints and tips, and an explanation of why these things would help, and happily I came across Joanna Payge’s website, which I found very helpful. Now I’d like to share some of these hints and tips with you, as they stand out for one reason or another:-

Clear your clutter – Not really surprisingly, this is a first vital step, and here we’re talking about ALL clutter, not just the visible stuff. So, you need to look under the beds, in the loft, the shed, drawers, cupboards, garages and so on and clear it all out! Just because it’s in hidden places doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you.

Clearing clutter apparently enables the energy in your home to flow better, you and your home will feel lighter and clearer. You may also find you are able to think more clearly (ding! ding! ding!)

Then you need to spring clean your entire home/office space as the dust and dirt are not helping you! Clean, sparkling surfaces will uplift the atmosphere in your home/workplace and that will in turn have a positive effect on you.

Fix anything broken – I’ve heard this one before too – either mend it or get rid of it. It can be hard sometimes but we’re advised to be strong! Broken objects or appliances are a feng shui ‘no-no’. Clocks that no longer work are included in this (oops, I have several of these – note to self: fix!).

Get rid of dried flowers – Apparently in Feng Shui terms dried flowers are dead energy and unfortunately pot pouri is included in this (oh darn), but Silk flowers are ok.

Make sure all your plants are round leaved and not spiky – So you’re looking for a Feng Shui ‘money plant’ or Jade plant, which is ideal for your wealth area. Spiky plants ‘cut’ the energy in your home, so, cacti are out along with many other plants which have spiky leaves. Soft, round leaves create much better energy, but make sure they are healthy plants! Dying plants or flowers are not good (am currently reviving a spiky plant in my office at the moment, but perhaps I should admit defeat on this one!)

And finally, this one is for the amusement and satisfaction of the girls amongst you, and, instructional and a ‘this is why we tell you to do it’ confirmation statement for the boys;

Keep your toilet seat down – Apparently Vital Chi (energy) will disappear down holes like these (goodness!), so block the hole by keeping the seat down. If your toilet is in your wealth area (Southeast of your home), you are also apparently literally ‘flushing your money away’ – which can never be a good thing. The cure is simple – shut the lid boys! 

Feng Shui hints and tips courtesy of Joanna Payge BA Dip.HDI (Feng Shui)


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