Personal Assistant Wiltshire
Personal Assistant Wiltshire

The rate for services to be carried out will be agreed with you at the time of enquiry and at that point we will ask you to read and accept our Terms and Conditions of Business, prior to services commencing.

Pre-Paid, Retainer and Ad-Hoc Hours
Hours can be purchased in advance either via the Pre-paid or Retainer Agreement method. You will benefit from a reduced rate and these hours are valid for a full year from purchase.  An Invoice will be raised for the chosen/agreed number of hours and will require payment by return prior to the commencement of services. Where hours are not purchased in advance at the reduced rate, these are known as Ad-hoc Hours and an Invoice will be raised and submitted on completion of the project or service, or at the end of the month in the case of on-going work, becoming due and payable within 14 days of the Invoice date, along with any expenses incurred. Expenses over a certain level are payable in advance.

Payment Methods
The accepted payment method is Direct to Bank and we ask that where this is being made via BACS, you allow for 5 working days for each payment to reach us due to possible Bank processing delays, thank you.

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