Virtual Assistant to Professional Coach, Mentor & Strategic HR Consultant

Virtual Assistant Wiltshire







“The Time Bureau have supported me on numerous occasions with the analysis of training and development needs (spreadsheet data) and the creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Training programmes that I am delivering, plus liaison with my clients where necessary, which is carried out in a highly professional and personable manner.

I find the skill and appreciation of the bigger picture that’s given to each task invaluable.

The Time Bureau has managed the transition of my previous website to the WordPress platform, with meticulous attention to detail and has provided me with relevant training, which now allows me to edit my site content, create new pages and post Blog entries if I choose to (The Time Bureau manage this when I am too busy), none of which I was able to do with my previous website.Additionally, The Time Bureau have also supported me in the development of my Social Media strategy, have created my Newsletter Campaign and I feel safe in their capable hands.”

Siân Bryant, Siân Bryant Consulting, Professional Coach, Mentor and Strategic HR Consultancy, Edington, Wiltshire

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