Virtual Assistant to Coach & Fitness Instructor

Personal Assistant Cotswolds (Testimonials)







“I really believe in doing what you’re good at and leaving what you’re not so good at to someone with the relevant skills. With this in mind, I engaged The Time Bureau to help me design and launch my new bi-monthly Newsletter Campaign, which they also critique and source relevant and engaging graphics for, giving it that professional touch. I’ve had great feedback and have The Time Bureau to thank for their help with this.

The Time Bureau’s knowledge and IT skill set is vast and outweighs mine every time. I have found them to be ultra efficient and always there to help. Having a Virtual Assistant from The Time Bureau gives me the time to work on the areas of my business that I love, but I feel confident that I’m still addressing the areas that I don’t have so much time for.”

Ruth Carnaby, Coach and Fitness Instructor, Mind and Body Matters, Didmarton, South Gloucestershire

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